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Regrettably our cruise has been cancelled due to unforeseeable circumstances. We are deeply sorry for the disappointment and any inconvenience.

Dear Friends,

Fellowship has a whole new meaning when the “ship” part is state of the art. The last time I went on a cruise was way back in 1966, when a relative took my brother and me to Tahiti, Samoa, and Fiji. We had an amazing time, but that boat was like a galley ship compared to the one we will be traveling on.

Not only will this cruise be top notch, so will the teaching you will receive. We were able to commandeer our good friend Ken Ham (from Answers in Genesis) as one of the speakers, along with Emeal (“E.Z.”) Zwayne, Mark Spence, plus my humble self. Along with bountiful biblical teaching, we will have fantastic food, feverish fun, and fabulous fellowship, with lots of love and laughter. But this whole cruise will be completely boring without you. A total waste of time.

The conference theme will be “Light in the Darkness: How to Shine the Light of Christ for the Glory of God.” Each speaker will share captivating and insightful truths that will inspire and equip you to proclaim the gospel to your friends and family.

We hope you will join us! Click here to learn more.

When: March 17–24, 2018

Where: Half Moon Cay, Bahamas; Cayman Islands; Cozumel, Mexico; Key West, Florida

Ray Comfort

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